Godrej Ananda

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Kategorie: Kapely
Žánr: Art-rock
Znamení: Beran
Město: Abertamy
Kraj: Karlovarský
Země: Česká republika


Godrej Anandais a new launch project in Bangalore. The launch date is March 2021, and the completion date of the project is January 2026. The property is being meticulously developed with innovation as the keyword and contemporary designs. Lush greenery and fascinating views define the surroundings, which will be a treat for your senses. Bangalore, the vibrant city of India is today one of the potential real estate destinations of the modern urban home buyers. The city has been rapidly flourishing, and the realty industry has been thriving, offering worldclass properties in the best of the locations across the city.

Godrej Properties, the established real estate developer of India has been transforming the realty sector with its extraordinary properties. Godrej Properties now launches Godrej Ananda, a premium residential complex in Bagalur Road, Bangalore.


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Godrej Ananda
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